Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is it Christmas? It sure feels like it.

Waking up today brought two thoughts into my mind: Facing the crazy wind outside, and surviving the whole day knowing that at the end of it I'll get getting probably my most anticipated game of the year.

What game is this? It's the second episode of the GTA IV expansion series, The Ballad of Gay Tony.

'Gay Tony' has been all over the webblogs and internets and even TV. It'll be releasing as a disc standalone package with the first GTAIV episode, the Lost and Damned, or as a downloadable episode via Xbox LIVE. Seeing as I don't have a US Xbox 360, I'm stuck to downloading the episode.

Downloading is not a problem. I have an above fast/very generous university connection. The problem lies within when the download comes available.. which is around 1am Pacific. :(

"Patience is virtue"

Yeah right.


**UPDATE**: Gonna leave this space for a countdown.. 20 more minutes to go! ALMOST THERE!

Opening the box.

Hello World!

Although I've set up many blogs before. Some of which have died or just *poof* , delete due to lack of content. I've decided I'll keep a blog of my thoughts, not limited to just tech, but to everything. What better way to document my experiences then a blog eh?

The box has arrived, time to unpack.